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The Stethecozy™ is a wearable device which sanitizes a stethoscope. It's attractive and convenient design allows the cleaning process to happen while a stethoscope is being worn. The Stethecozy is so lightweight and easy to use that most doctors will find that it becomes second nature within a matter of minutes. The Stethecozy™ uses a cleaning product already on the market with a replaceable cleaning system. Maintenance is minimal and can be accomplished in about 30 seconds which will increase acceptance by busy medical personnel. Using the Stethecozy communicates to your patients that you are concerned about their welfare by decreasing infection risks.

Additionally the Stethecozy™ provides a highly visible advertising platform. The front panel of the Stethecozy™ can be marketed to hospitals, drug companies, and organizations as well as for physicians and nurses who wish to customize their personal image. What a great way to show patients that you care about their health and safety while presenting your advertising message at the same time.

Because the design is simple, the Stethecozy™ can be constructed from readily available commercial products. Estimated production costs are low leaving a large margin for profit. The replaceable cleaning system and custom marketing will provide an ongoing revenue stream for the producer over time. The Stethecozy™ may well become the standard of patient care in the future. 

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The "Stethecozy" is patented and trademarked by Robert F. Stickley, MD